Learning other languages has always been really fun for me. So many good things have happened in my life because of being multilingual, and I love to share my language learning experiences with others. Here are seven reasons why it is awesome to speak multiple languages.

1.       It makes people really happy when you speak their language

Every time I greet someone in their native language it brings a smile to their face. There are few things in this world with the power to cause such instant happiness in others. When you greet people in their native language, it shows them that you think their culture and language are special, and it makes them really happy that you took the time to learn about how they speak. It’s the easiest way to show them they are valued and interesting.

2.       Being multilingual lets you talk to more people

This is a little obvious, but worth noting. Every time you add even very basic capabilities in a new language, you add to your skills the ability to interact in some way with a whole new population of people that monolingual people can’t reach.

3.       Speaking another language lets you understand your own language better

When you learn a new language, the process of learning that language causes you to perform comparative analysis with your native language, and this causes you to have a much richer understanding of your native language as a result. I can say with certainty that I learned and comprehended much more about English grammar while studying Spanish that I ever did in English class.

4.       Speaking multiple languages makes you better at communication

Just as the comparative analysis that you complete while learning a new language causes you to understand your own language better, it also makes you better at organizing and communicating in general.

A language is like a set of building blocks for expressing or transmitting ideas from one person to another. Each set of building blocks has their own particular shapes and organizational structures. Because of this, communicating the same idea in two different languages requires reviewing and organizing the though in two different ways. Completing this process increases your understanding of and level of practice at this process.

5.      Speaking another language can create job opportunities

When you can speak multiple languages, it allows you to help businesses reach speakers of those languages, or complete operations in areas where those languages are spoken. It is important to note, however, that you still need to know how to do a job in order to use the language professionally. For example, if you speak Spanish and want to work with a company in Mexico, you may have the ability to speak with the people that work there, but you still need to be able to do a specific job if you’re going to be useful. Just being able to talk to them isn’t enough.

6.      Speaking another language can create friendship opportunities

When you can speak another language, you can now be friends with a whole new bunch of people that don’t speak your native language, or are aren’t bilingual. This is not only great because you have new friends. These friends are also the BEST way to learn new words and expressions, and to polish your existing skills. They can also be excellent hosts and concierges when visiting their countries.

7.      Speaking a new language is FUN!!

Speaking a new language is really fun! Saying new words and learning new idiomatic expressions (like “Pulling my leg”) is really cool, and a source of lots of laughs. You can also discover wonderful new TV shows, movies, and other entertainment that really only works in its original language.



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I am a singer. I sometimes go on tour. Every time I visit a new place I ask around how they say "Good evening" there in their language. People always respond positively when you greet them like you are one of them. They laugh at your accent but they appreciate your effort. So I totally agree with you that it is best to learn different languages.

09/27/2017 1:28am

I came to realize that being a multilingual person is one of the biggest blessings I've had last year. The main reason why I consider it as a b Lessing because I got the chance to meet a lot of people who do not have the same race as mine, but language didn't become a barrier for us to have a good relationship! At the same time, it gives me more confidence that I need for my job. I am sure that some multilingual people feel the same way too!

09/28/2017 4:22am

You are absolutely right. It's important to also know at least a little bit about different languages. Especially if you are travelling to a different place. Dealing with people with a different cultures enables us to gain more understanding with them. Foreign languages should be a staple in the curriculum of our generation today. I hope more people realize that.

04/19/2017 12:00am

One of the things that I need to cross out in my bucket list is being able to learn two to three different languages. I didn't know that speaking multiple languages lets you understand more of your own language. I've been really fascinated to learn a different language for a very long time. I think being a multilingual is such an amazing skill to have. This article just really made me push myself to learn to speak in multiple languages. Thanks for sharing thoughts and opinions about this interesting topic and I really hope that I can be a multilingual someday.

12/20/2015 10:42pm

I completely agree with all the details you have cited here. There are lot of opportunities if you know how to speak various languages. I actually tried to learn one, but I suppose it's not just my cup of tea. I can speak the basic and barely enough to communicate. Hence, I admire your skills to learn all these languages. Many thanks for sharing this with all of us.

01/14/2016 10:02pm

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When you can speak another language, you can now be friends with a whole new bunch of people that don’t speak your native language, or are aren’t bilingual.


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